Toters app design UI/UX


This food delivery startup quickly won the hearts of foodies in Beirut and has expanded to two other countries in just under a year. They were looking to redesign the UI/UX of their app to better reflect their customers’ values and the sophisticated, professional experience they offer offline. 


Brand Uplift

App Redesign






Discovery meets function.

Effortlessly discover curated collections of stores and meals, and stay up to date with promotions and new offerings.

Adaptable and personal.

The modular home screen design makes it incredibly easy for Toters to communicate their expansive offerings within a dynamic user interface.

Search for anything in seconds.

Get quick access to what you’re looking for, whether it’s a meal, cuisine, or store. Or discover what you might be craving if you’re not really sure – we’ve all been there.

Appetizing & informative.

Browse menus and get all the information you need through an easy, intuitive interface. 

The Menu design is made up of blocks where restaurants can keep their items up to date efficiently. 

Navigation made easy.

Jump through categories, subcategories, and items seamlessly through the interactive navigation bar. Perfect for ordering groceries. 

An immersive, visual experience.

Get up-close to the meal as its being prepared. Enjoy an online shopping experience that gets you closer to the food.

The Meals section brings the items to the limelight. The fullscreen, live preparation creates an immersive, visual experience.

Efficiency at it’s core.

Choose how you want to pay, what time you want it, and get it delivered where you need it in just a few simple steps.

A beautiful Arabic design.

The app adapts the minimalistic interface and same functionalities for an Arabic audience.

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