This fintech startup is on a mission to make finance more accessible in the Middle East. They were looking for a brand identity that would break away from typical financial institutions, be more approachable and playful.


Logo Design

Brand Identity



Rolling pomegranate 

They wanted to represent a pomegranate (“rumman” in Arabic) as the emblem. The emblem emphasizes the seeds that make up a pomegranate as a representation of investments. The pomegranate is rolling, creating a dynamic motion symbolizing growth and progress. 

Typographic details

The logotype was altered to create a stronger balance between both languages, by using similar short, rounded forms. The English typeface also integrates a nice detail to visually harmonize both mm’s. 

Inspiration from infographics

A key component of the identity is the use of many graphic forms and overlays, inspired from infographics and charts. This creates dynamic compositions and symbolizes growth and movement. 

Rummanie – the brand mascot

The client also wanted to integrate a mascot for the brand, that would make them more approachable than traditional finance institutions. The Rummanie mascot is a friendly, cute pomegranate that animate the screen.

Bold typography

Using Raleway as an elegant sans-serif the typography is bold yet sophisticated, giving Rumman a grounded, reliable voice.

Balancing Arabic typography

Similarly, the Arabic typography creates a strong, clear presence and balances harmoniously with the English.

Playful illustration style

The illustration style combines the graphic and overlay elements of the identity with playful, minimalistic forms.

Alternative Emblems

We worked on countless emblems before finding the perfect one. Here are some of my favorites that didn’t make the cut.

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Yogi City


Donuts x Beer