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Henri Miller

This online fashion startup is disrupting retail in the region by offering high quality basics at an affordable price, exclusively online. They were looking for a sophisticated but playful brand identity, a minimalistic e-commerce web design and a unique packaging experience.


Brand Identity

E-commerce Design


Packaging Design





Representing the values.

The emblem is made up of icons representing the sea and a crest, which demonstrate the brand’s values: exploration, community, minimalism & playfulness.


The typographic style follows the same bold look typically found in fashion brands; however, using Brandon Grotesque, a humanist sans serif gives it a more approachable tone.

Color Palette

The color palette balances royal blues which give a strong sense of luxury, blue-ish grays that are more subdued, and a bright red that gives a playful feel.


The iconography plays an important role in the brand identity, distinguishing Henri Miller from the traditional fashion brand. The icons are minimalistic through the use of a single line and simplistic representation, but also maintain a playful, dynamic feeling.

Minimalistic, fresh user interface

The product page uses a lot of white space to create an airy, refined experience. Red icons are used to highlight short product stocks.

Sizing concerns put to rest

The sizing guide is easily accessible from the product view, enabling the user to choose the right sizing without disrupting the shopper experience.

Interactive and informative

The design features several moments where the shopper is encouraged to actively participate through the use of engaging, interactive elements.

Simple and intuitive checkout

The checkout page was designed to be simple, beautiful and functional by resolving common issues with logistics in the region.

Unraveling a gift

Rather than following the traditional format for shirts, the packaging is inspired from a box of chocolates, creating the same exciting experience of unraveling a delicious gift.

Giving value

The packaging also uses the maintenance details as an opportunity to create a unique experience and a sense of community and care.

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